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Found in the pocket of a fallen Marine:
7 June 1969
Quang Tri Province
Republic of South Vietnam



Take a man and put him alone,
put him twelve thousand miles from home....
Empty his heart of all but blood,
make him live in sweat and mud....

This is the life I have to live,
this soul to the Devil I give....
You have your parties and drink your beer,
while young men are dying over here....

Paint your signs on the White House lawn,
"Let's all get out of Vietnam"....
Use your signs and have your fun,
then you refuse to use a gun....

There is nothing else for you to do,
then I'm supposed to die for you....
There is one thing that you should know,
and that's where I think you should go....

I'm already here and it's too late,
I've traded all my love for hate....
I'll hate you till the day I die,
you made me hear my buddy cry....

I saw his leg and blood shed,
then I heard them say
"this ones dead"
It was a large price for him to pay,
to let YOU live another day....

He had the guts to fight and die,
to keep the freedom YOU live by....
By his dying your life he buys,
but who gives a damn if a Marine dies...







~ In Your Honor ~


Unselfishly, you left your

fathers and your mothers,

You left behind your

sisters and your brothers.

Leaving your beloved

children and wives,

You put on hold,

your dreams—your lives.


On foreign soil,

you found yourself planted.

To fight for those whose

freedom you granted.

Without your sacrifice,

their cause would be lost.

But you carried onward,

no matter the cost.


Many horrors you had

endured and seen.

Many faces had

haunted your dreams.

You cheered as your

enemies littered the ground;

You cried as your

brothers fell all around.


When it was over,

you all came back home,

Some were left with

memories to face all alone;

Some found themselves

in the company of friends.

As their crosses cast

shadows across the land.


Those who survived

were forever scarred.

Emotionally, physically,

permanently marred.

Those who did not

now sleep eternally.

'Neath the ground they had

given their lives to keep free.


With a hand upon

my heart, I feel.

The pride and respect;

my reverence is revealed.

In the tears that now stream

down my upturned face.

As our flag waves above you,

in her glory and grace.


Freedom was the gift

that you unselfishly gave.

Pain and death was the

price that you ultimately paid.

Every day,

I give my utmost admiration;

To those who had fought

to defend our nation.

~ Karla W. Daigle 5/30/98 ~




A man has not lived,until he has almost died
For those who have fought, Life has a flavor
the protected will never know.
Signed, Vietnam Veteran
(The above was found written in pencil on the metal seat 
back of a bus in northern Thailand many, many years ago.)


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