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~ Seven New Souls ~

Seven new souls came to heaven,
on earth we dealt with the loss,
while doing the work they loved to do,
they all paid the supreme cost.

Seven new souls are in heaven,
smiling at us all down below,
telling us to not weep now,
as they bask in heaven's glow.

Seven new souls are in heaven,
though they left thier families alone,
are now free in the kingdom of heaven,
and have reached their final home.

Seven new souls in heaven,
all soon to get angel wings,
and if we listen very carefully,
we can hear them as they sing.

Seven new souls at heaven's door,
perhaps to us before their time,
have risen to meet God up above,
leaving only their memories behind.

~ Author Unknown ~


Columbia, April 12, 1981 - February 1, 2003

July 27, 1999

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