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~*~ Mema ~*~


Just A Little About Me

I was born at home on the Raby Ranch in the small community of Ames, deep in the heart of Texas.

I came from a rather large family of seven children. I am the middle child, as there were three older and three younger, three brothers and three sisters. My baby sister Catherine passed away at the age of 21 following open heart surgery, then my Mother in 1970 and my Dad in 1981. We are now scattered from Texas to California, Idaho and Alabama.

In 1950 I met the love of my life a "Louisiana Cajun." We were married in 1951. We have three sons, three grand sons, one grand daughter and two great grand daughters.

My favorite things are of course my family, country and cajun music, crafts such as chrochet, plastic canvas, counted cross stitch, latch-hook, and trying to learn how to play my piano and keyboard. For the past few months I have added to all that my love for surfing the net, collecting poems, jokes, music and gifs........ especially of angels.

Oh! Well I guess that just about sums it up for me.

This is my first web page and it will be filled with things I love. I hope you enjoy your visit.

"Ya'll come back now....ya hear!"

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P.S. By the way if you would like to know what I look like just scroll down to see my latest photo.







"Hehehe....Hahaha....LOL !!!





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