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Lord, grant me your eyes,
And please let me see
The world as You do
Not focused on me;

A world that's dying
And lost in its sin,
Needing a SAVIOR
Not letting Him in.

Lord, grant me Your ears;
Oh, please let me hear
The cries of mankind
With a heartfelt tear.

They're needful of love;
They want it so bad.
Lust doesn't fulfill;
That's why they're so sad.

Lord, grant me Your tongue;
With love let me speak
And tell them of You.
Though I am so weak.

I dread when I think;
My life-could it be
The only picture
Of Christ that they'll see?

Lord, grant me Your touch;
With heavenly care,
Help me reach out
And with them share.

I know they are proud;
They've built up a wall.
But if I persist,
Someday it might fall.

Lord, grant me Your eyes;
Your ears, tongue, and touch
Lord, I'll do my best
It may not be much

But take it, dear Lord,
For I'm Yours to keep,
And use how You will
To plant or to reap.

Written by Eric Byrd, aged 17

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